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Pick your Product Niche - David Bailey's Plan

Affiliate marketing plans that show you how to make money online are all over the internet. Niche products to write content, find new promotion channels, use the social networks, submit articles, and drive traffic to your promo pages range from the very good to the very bad. Unfortunately there are a lot more in the very bad category than there are very good ones.

As an affiliate marketer I live or die by my credibility, so I don't want to promote any of the "trash" programs that for only $97.00 or $67.00 or some other amount ending in 7, (soneone actually did studies on this), they promise to make you part of the internet millionaire's club making tens of thousands of dollars per week. You've seen these landing pages. So I was a little surprised when I stumbled on David Bailey's product page. It wasn't "glitzy" and his price was only $29.00! That got my interest. Not only that, but he seemed like a humble guy in his videos.

But, (probably just like you), I'm tired of spending my money on programs that turn out to be just a rehash of all the other online material. Been there, done that.

And my success rate for getting refunds is only about 50%. (yes I do ask, and sometimes demand refunds) on the programs I felt didn't live up to their hype. But the $29.00 price point got my attention so I watched all the videos in his promo and the one about Squidoo got my attention.

Just like other affiliate marketers I'm always looking for promotion channels to use for my product content articles, and I hadn't used Squidoo yet. I had heard of Squidoo but just hadn't gotten around to checking it out. Anyway, David seemed like a humble guy, his $29.00 price seemed to reasonably buck the trend of ending your price with a 7, and I was going to end up checking out Squidoo anyway, so I decided to check out David's 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. But I wasn't ready to spend my money yet!

After you have been on the net for awhile you learn how to find web page owners and their contact information. So I found David's email address and dropped him a note about my interest and asked him if he would be open to answering a few "interview" questions for an article I was going to write. (this one of course). Not only was he willing, he seemed really appreciative that I would give him the opportunity to talk about his blueprint plan.

Note: Before I tell you about his plan, or his interview, let me admit that David ended up giving me a copy of his 4-Day Money Making Blueprint. I don't know if that qualifies as a bribe or not.

David's plan is definitely for new affiliate marketers. It starts with the basics of all the concepts, organization, resources, steps to take and how to take them, different beginner strategies and how to choose one right for you, and some common pitfalls to avoid. He then goes to the next level and tells you how to refine some of the strategies to suit your particular product niche. You can get a lot more information from his promo page, I won't go into a complete summary in this paragraph.

Here are a few of the things I talked about with David:

ATD: Why did you create the 4-Day Money Making blueprint?

David: I wanted to make some money. Why else? I like helping people too, it makes me feel like I have accomplished something, but I still need to make money. Don't we all?

ATD: Ok, can't argue with that, but why the plan?

David: Because it was something I knew. When I first started doing affiliate marketing I bought a couple of the "make you a millionaire" programs and each time I only got vague information and ended up feeling gyped, and was "gun-shy" from then on. So I started teaching myself. You won't believe how many nights I was online until 2 or 3 am just searching and reading, and how many really bad articles I wrote. And how much time I wasted without making any money. It was 3 or 4 months before I made even $25.00 in commissions. And I was working hard at it.When I got that first $25.00 commission check from Clickbank I was motivated again! Disappointed, but motivated. I mean only $25.00 for months of work. Who wouldn't be disappointed?

I kept at it. started getting more hits on my promo articles, started writing better articles and developing new plans for the promo channels I was using, and eventually I was making the $25.00 commission in one day not 3 months.That's $125 - $175.00 extra a week! I was feeling pretty good about it. it wasn't the thousands of dollars those hype-pages promised with their programs, but I thought it was pretty good.

Anyway to make a long story short. My affiliate income streams were getting better and better, and the best part was that I wasn't working so hard anymore. I was really liking the affiliate marketing work.

ATD: That's great David, but except for the "good money" part that doesn't sound very different from a lot of other affiliate marketers. We've all spent those hours online reading and researching. Specifically what made you develop your 4-day Money Making Blueprint?

David: (laughing) You're right. I still wanted to make more money, and developing my own product was the next logical step. I looked at a lot of choices before I realized it was right in front of me. Like you said, a lot of people were doing the same thing I did, but without it working for them. I had all my experience in getting started. I was lucky that I'm generally a very organized person so I had all my bookmarks and resource materials that I had developed. I had tons of other people's work that I had referenced and turned into my own techniques. And best of all, I still had all those "failed" efforts to remind me of the changes that I made to turn them into successes. All I had to do was pull it all together and put it into a how-to format. And that's how the 4-Day money making Blueprint was born.

ATD: I like that answer, but I'm curious, why the $29.00 price point?

David: Because I had spent too many $97.00 and $67.00 bundles on crummy programs. I thought if I placed a realistic value on my product it would be more credible than those "industry-standard" prices. Besides I did the math, it would be a lot better to have 1000 people buy it at $29.00 than it would to have 10 people buy it at $97.00. (which I think is way too much for a how-to course)

ATD: Thanks for talking with me David. I hope you'll follow-up and read my article.

David: Thank you too. Are you going to buy and use my program before you write about it?

ATD: (laugh) Are you trying to turn this into another sale? Honestly... I haven't decided yet. I will if I decide to do the article of course, but I'm still on the fence about recommending another affiliate marketing program.

David: I'll make you a deal. If you will write this up as a promo article and link to my promo page, I'll give you a copy of the program to review.

ATD: Done! Thanks again David

And that was part of my talk with David Bailey. I really felt good about this guy. He was honest about his motivations and he didn't make outrageous claims. And he did give me a copy of his program.

Overall I'm glad to rate his program as very useful and well worth the $29.00 price. There were a lot of things in it I already knew, but that was because I've been doing this for awhile. For a new affiliate marketer that same information would be invaluable in time-savings alone. I think his presentation technique is excellent, and the process he outlines is a well-documented step-by-step tutorial that will do just what he says... have you on your way to making affiliate marketing commissions in 4 days.

4 stars - you will not be disappointed by this program, and the price is right.

go check-out David Bailey's 4-Day Money Making Blueprint

ps. I know you've seen all kinds of testimonials, but take a look at this one. I think you'll see why I think David and his program are different from all the hype you usually get.
4-Day MMP Testimonial video ,

If you want more more info, here are two Free Hubpages Hubs that talk about getting started in affiliate marketing:
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Ok, Now go check-out David Bailey's 4-Day Money Making Blueprint

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