Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hubpages - Content publishing for affiliate marketers

Hubpages - Content publishing for affiliate marketers

As an affiliate marketer trying to make money online from your home-based business, one of the toughest jobs for new affiliate marketers is finding ways to promote their products. Whether it is a landing page product, like a web hosting plan, a physical product referral, like an Amazon affiliate link, or identity promotion, like your affiliate marketing web site, finding places to get the word out, and get backlinks can be a daunting job.

One way is content publishing. This is the creation of articles that will contain links to your products. They can be product reviews, how-to's, or just essay type articles, but the purpose is to provide value to the article reader and at the same time you are providing links to make you some affiliate money. The most used methods are email lists and blogging, but another method, very similar to blogging is publishing content articles.

Content placed on free content publishing web sites is another way to get a presence on the Internet. The most well known might be Squidoo or Hubpages. These sites allow you to create what are essentially one-page web sites, know as "Lens" or "Hubs".
Another very important feature of these free platforms is that they are revenue-sharing sites. They use Google Adsense, and Amazon and eBay affiliate programs on your content pages, and they share this income with the owners of the pages. So you get a free place to promote yourself and another affiliate income stream.

These "hubs" can contain limited html, pictures, and best of all hyperlinks. Each of these sites are community-based. Meaning there are forums and groups, and lots of interaction and help from the site members themselves. They also contain extensive help and how-to information to get you up and running with your first pages within minutes of signing up.

I will do an affiliated post with detail for each site, but for now here are some links to check them out.

Here is the sign-up link to check-out Hubpages

Here are a couple Hubpage "Hub" examples used to promote Amazon Affiliate links
Here's an example of a "Hub" used to promote an affiliate link landing page.
Hubpages is more of a serious writer's platform with a lot of excellent users and talent.

A little on the lighter side, but still accomplishing the same task, is Squidoo, another free content publishing platform. Squidoo calls their pages "Lens". Essentially they have the same features and capabilities as Hubpages, but the theme and community are a little more casual.

Here's where you can check-out Squidoo


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